RE:GEN Solutions win new loft insulation contract with Gentoo

RE:GEN Solutions win new loft insulation contract with Gentoo

RE:GEN Solutions has been awarded a two-year contract to deliver loft insulation works to homes across Sunderland, Houghton, Hetton and Washington on behalf of Gentoo.

The contract is worth around £500,000 and will include a mix of loft top-ups and loft insulation works to help improve the energy efficiency of homes.

Anthony Wade, Managing Director of RE:GEN Solutions, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded this contract and extending our service offering with Gentoo. We’ve worked with this team for a number of years delivering asbestos removal services, but this new contract really demonstrates our ability to become a solutions partner for our clients.

“It’s another significant step in becoming a contractor of choice for asset compliance and green services across the region.”

An uninsulated home loses around 25% of it’s heat through the roof. Making sure loft insulation is topped up to around 400mm ensures residents can:

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Heat their home faster as gas boilers don’t need to work as hard to bring it up to the set temperature
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Save on energy bills

As part of the service, RE:GEN Solutions will also:

  • Manage all customer contact, appointment bookings and confirmations
  • Carry out pre-contract inspections
  • Undertake conditions surveys
  • Fully document the installation process (including before, during and after pictures)
  • Complete inspections and reviews of work
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Find out more about our loft insulation service here

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